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Are you ready to make the switch from a dangerous lawn full of harmful chemicals to an organic lawn where your kids and pets can play safely? Are you a DIYer who needs a little guidance? Would you like your lawn to be healthy, green, and almost maintenance free? Are you a lawn care professional who would like to stop creating harmful environments for your clients?
After years of experience switching lawns from chemical to organic, I will give you the guidance that you need to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.
How I Work. I do my best work with clients who take care of their own lawns, but need some guidance. I love explaining the how and why of organic landscaping, and teaching is one of my passions. I offer three different packages; if you don’t see one that meets your needs, let me know and we can figure one out together.

  • Included in the basic package are recommendations for organic products, a lawn care schedule for the season, what products to use, when to use them, and a free copy of my troubleshooting ebook, Why Does My Lawn Look Like That? (30$)

  • After an initial consultation, soil sample, and photo analysis, I will tailor an organic program for your lawn and its unique issues. Whether your current problem is crabgrass or grub damage, I will give you an organic solution. The Custom Organic Program includes soil sample analysis, photo analysis, an initial one-hour consultation via phone or Skype as well as bi-weekly email check-ins during the first growing season. The Custom Program that I create for you will include fertilizer recommendation, what products to use, mowing schedule and also recommendations for the entire first season as well as a copy of my ebook. ($150)

  • Organic is big business, and organic lawn care providers are in demand. This non-credited course is for the lawn care professional who wants to make the switch to caring for lawns in a sustainable and ethical way. The course includes three hours of one-on-one phone instruction, a copy of my ebook, as well as email follow-ups for the entire first season to troubleshoot and review best practices.


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One on one consultations, and yearly organic programs for your lawn and garden. Custom programs specifically for your own property.

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