August 28, 2014

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J Gil Organic

J Gil Organic

J Gil Organic

J Gil Organic received an AAS in Horticulture from the Essex Agricultural School in 2004.

I became an accredited Organic Land Care profesional from the North East Organic Farming Association (NOFA) in early 2007 . Certified lawn care professional by the Grassroots Environmental Healthy Lawn Program in early 2006. I am also Maugett certified. Member of the Ecological Landscaping Association (ELA), and an E.P.A. GreenScapes Alliance member.

With just twelve years into business I have developed a strong foundation and relationship with hundreds of customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and now in Northern Missouri and southern Illinois.

During the last twelve years I have gained a great amount of experience. I have trained and educated myself in the organic approach to landscaping. Organic landscaping and organic lawn care requires an understanding of natural systems. J Gil Organic incorporates this knowledge in landscape design, construction, and maintenance, and I am proud to say that my landscaping and lawn care is organic.

I differ from a conventional landscaper through the research, techniques, and products used while managing the soil, plant life, and landscape. At the moment, I am currently involved in different associations and committees. I am actively teaching organic and ecological gardening. Most of all, I believe that the key to bringing positive change in our environment is the cultivation of broad-based public support through education.

J Gil Organic

Are you ready to make the switch from a dangerous lawn full of harmful chemicals to an organic lawn where your kids and pets can play safely? Are you a DIYer who needs a little guidance? Would you like your lawn to be healthy, green, and almost maintenance free? Are you a lawn care professional who would like to stop creating harmful environments for your clients?
After years of experience switching lawns from chemical to organic, I will give you the guidance that you need to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

 Working with me.

I do my best work with clients who take care of their own lawns, but need some guidance. I love explaining the how as well as the why of organic landscaping. Teaching is one of my passions too. My services consist of three different programs and consultations; if you don’t see one that meets your needs, let me know and we can figure one out together.

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About | J Gil Organic
J Gil Organic differs from a conventional landscaper through the research, techniques, and gardening products used while managing the soil and plant life.
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