Backyard Full Of Weeds – From Weeds To Grass

Having a backyard full of weeds can be a good thing. At least to me is good news, because I know exactly what to do in order to transform a weedy yard into a weed free lawn. And I am not thinking about roto-tilling the whole yard. Or spraying toxic chemicals to kill everything on my garden. I am thinking about seeing those garden weeds as messengers that are telling my what is wrong with the soil in my yard.

Backyard Full Of Weeds – From Weeds To Grass

My perception of a green lawn has changed in the past few years. Seventeen years ago I did not even know a green lawn with clover, dandelions, annual blue grass or crabgrass was a bad thing. In my native country of Spain, people don’t really care about what type of grass grows on your lawn. As long as the yard is green… It is perfectly normal to have a crabgrass lawn at the swimming pool because it is low maintenance, it grows well, and it is practically indestructible.

In Spain, if the weather is too dry and hot, and the grass dies, people will use native plants. Sometimes the lawn is removed altogether, and a native garden is installed as replacement. Sometimes people encourage weeds to grow so kids can play soccer, or families can have picnics. The culture of a perfect manicured lawn doesn’t exist, which to me it makes total sense. Why waste precious resources like water to encourage something that is does not grow without  a lot of  inputs like fertilizer, pesticides or mowing?

When I took my associate’s degree in horticulture, I was taught that in order to have a green and healthy lawn you need to use chemical herbicides. I learned how to apply 2-4D, Glyphosate and many other pesticides. It didn’t take much time to learn that most American lawns were addicted to dangerous chemicals. And because Weed and Feed is being applied to properties, some other chemicals must be applied to prevent weeds from thriving. It is a vicious circle where you apply the same products every year to keep your lawn green at the expense of polluting the water, air, and putting your family at risk.

Weed Control In 6 Simple Steps


A lawn does not have to be weed free to look beautiful. This is an organic lawn. Four years old and almost weed free. It definitely has clover. But clover is not a weed.  The great thing about this lawn is that it is pesticide free. It is so sustainable that I do not do aeration, re-seeding, fertilization, watering, or any other application of any product. The only thing it needs is mowing. This is what happens when you take care of the soil. The soil is alive.

Talk to your gardener or landscaper. Talk to him or her about the benefits of starting an organic gardening or lawn care program. On average, organic lawns and gardens are self sustainable after five years. By avoiding the use of chemicals in the soil, we promote microbes. We displace weeds by fixing the soil.

Are you an organic gardener? Is your backyard full of weeds but you still think organic gardening is too complicated? Give it a try, you will be surprised of the results!

Backyard Full Of Weeds - From Weeds To Grass
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Backyard Full Of Weeds - From Weeds To Grass
Is your backyard full of weeds? You can now start an organic program. There are natural ways to kill weeds. Few simple steps to have a natural and safe lawn
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2 thoughts on “Backyard Full Of Weeds – From Weeds To Grass

  • I am working to get my lawn back to looking like a lawn after we removed a pool. It has been two years now and it is green, but the green is mostly weeds. I will work on it with your advice.

    • It takes time, but definitely worth it. Take a soil sample, and follow the recommendations. Use a lot of compost, reseed apply organic fertilizer and compost tea.
      Feel free to email me if you have any question.

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