Bagging, Mulching, Or Raking Leaves?

How do you spend time every weekend now in the Fall? Raking leaves? There is a better way to dispose all those leaves from your garden.

Bagging, Mulching or Raking Leaves?

I always thought that, the less yard waste I removed from a property, the better. My main reason is because I want to use as much material as possible to feed those microbes in the soil. During the year, I have been using, organic fertilizer, compost, compost tea, and now leaves, to make those microbes thrive. Organic is easy. People make things too complicated. If you want to keep those microbes happy, feed them. Use compost, liquid organic fertilizer, grass clippings, or even mulched leaves, and the microbes will take care of you plants. They will change the pH to neutral, they will fight diseases, they will feed the plants. For so long, we did everything wrong. We listened to the chemical companies to let us know what to do. Use the 5 step fertilizer program, and you will have a perfect lawn, with a perfect dead soil, weed free, disease free, and too dangerous for our family and pets to enjoy it.

Raking Leaves

I have heard so many times, that leaving the grass clippings on the lawn will cause thatch. And that is true, only¬†if you use chemicals on your lawn. But, since we don’t use pesticides and harmful chemicals, our organic lawn gets all the nutrients needed, when our microbes decompose the grass clippings, organic fertilizer, and now the fall leaves on top of the grass. That’s how it works.

Are Leaves Good For The Garden?

The biology in the soil like bacteria, fungi, and other organisms are responsible to provide nutrients to the plants, and the plants in return will produce sugars to feed the microorganisms in the soil. A great way to help those microbes, is to mulch those leaves on your lawn. There was a study done by Purdue, Michigan State University, as well as Cornell. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of several years of annual leaf mulching and determine turf performance. There was no negative results on the lawn performance. By incorporating leaves into our organic land care program, the soil will improve, because leaves will attract earth worms that will aerate your garden. Leaves will increase organic mater in the soil, and will also increase water retention so you have to water less. It increases soil biology. Saves you time and money. It is the right thing to do.

So this Fall, instead of bagging and raking leaves, make sure you mulch them, and put them back where they belong. Happy mulching!

Bagging, Mulching, Or Raking Leaves?
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Bagging, Mulching, Or Raking Leaves?
Mulching or raking leaves? Mulched leaves increases organic mater in the soil. Increases soil biology and water retention. Saves you time and money.
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