Benefits Of Composting

At the beginning of my landscaping years I used lots of loam when I was doing my plantings and did not know the benefits of composting. It was cheap, readily available and I could buy it basically everywhere. I thought that loam looked fairly good. Sometimes I would find pieces of glass in the loam. Other days I would find pieces of shredded plywood or wood. Sometimes it would be small pieces of plastic. I guess that was the price I had to pay to get the cheap stuff. Then, one day, two weeks after I spread close to 10 yards of loam at one property and looking with terror the whole lawn covered in weeds I then decided to act. Then, I spent the remainder of  the year looking for a good source of compost.

Compost is good for 3 reasons. The most important one was because I knew compost is weed free. If properly managed the compost would have been hot enough to kill pathogens and weed seeds. The second reason is because compost comes with all the necessary microbiology needed for the grass to thrive. And lastly, because it is local, and that means that the biology in the compost should be native to my region.

I now use quality compost every time I need to fix the soil. It is hard to find a good source of organic compost but with a little bit of research I manage to find local compost from different farms. All of them offering organic compost and all of them provide compost lab results.

Every season I use hundreds of yards of compost, so I do need more compost than I can produce on each property. When I am working in different properties I generally leave all yard waste on each site, so every year I can always use the finished compost from the year before. It saves me time and also money since I don’t have to dispose all the yard waste in the local landfill. Again,  the greatest advantage of using local compost is that when it is finished, I am also using the native microbiology from the site, so when I make my own compost tea I know I will be using the perfect mix . This is to me the biggest benefits of composting.

Consider compost as “black gold”. It is highly under-used in the landscaping business and it is probably one of the products I put on my MUST HAVE list every season. Compost is perfect when you have sandy soil and you want to improve the water retention. It is also great when you have clay soil, because it makes the soil more porous. Compost can make things grow even without using fertilizer.

Benefits Of Composting

Benefits of Composting

Compost is one of the best things you can apply to your yard. It also improves water holding capacity, so less water is needed. Compost is a finished product so it doesn’t contain any weed seed. There are three different types of compost that you can use. The first is the one from the compost you have in your backyard, that most likely will contain leaves from either your spring or fall cleanup, grass clippings, small twigs and some weeds. This pile usually remains untouched and after several years the pile turns into compost.

Another compost source is food waste. This type of compost is produced using a big container, like a wooden or plastic barrel. The food waste is deposited inside the barrel. This barrel is then turned several times every week. After a few weeks the food waste turns into compost. The third source is vermicompost or worm compost. Red worms digest food waste into finished compost in just one week. The end result in those three methods of producing compost is pretty much the same, but the quality of the compost is far superior when using worms.

Looking for a great sources of compost? Look here! Best compost around, and gives you great results when used to brew compost tea.

What do you think are the best benefits of composting. Is this something you do every year? Do you use compost?

Benefits Of Composting
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Benefits Of Composting
Finished compost is weed free. It has beneficial microbes and has nutrients for the grass and garden to grow. It is "black gold" for your plants!
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