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Best landscape company? How can you find who is the best if , in fact every company will claim they are the best! To me it is pretty simple. It is all about how lawn care providers, gardeners, and landscapers will manage each, and every single property. Do they treat every property the same? Or do they take their time and figure out what is needed at each location they maintain?

I also used to claim I was the best landscape company around my area, but pretty soon I realized, what is was good to me, it was bad for some people. I would say, that following an organic approach to lawn care, the grass would look beautiful and weed free. That was never the case. At least not in the first couple of years transitioning from chemical lawn to organic. I discovered my expectations were totally different than my customer expectations.

What makes the best landscape company?

To me it means being able to communicate with your customers and explain in detail the most probable outcome of someone’s yard. I changed from; “Oh yeah, the grass is going to look great after 2 years”, to “It will look really bad, before it gets better”.

For the past 12 years, I have explained every single one of my customers the organic approach to lawn and garden care. I have spend at least a couple of hours talking to each one of them about what to expect during the growing season. The different weeds that will be growing on the lawn. The why and how weeds grow. Why we should mow higher. What does cation exchange capacity means in a soil sample. Why I should not mow every week, and why is ok the skip mowing sometimes during the summer.

I would not say I am the best landscape company, but I can definitely say I keep my customers well informed. And I teach them why organic works. In fact most of them after a few months know how to read a soil sample!

So, I will ask you this. Do you know what is being applied to your lawn? What is it made of? Is it safe? Does your lawn care company treat your garden differently than any other garden? Do you know your lawn care provider?

If you say yes to all of those questions, then you will definitely have the best landscape company!

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Best Landscape Company
Do they treat every property the same? Or do they take their time and figure out what is needed at each location they maintain?
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