Best Lawn Fertilizer

Depending who do you ask, you will get different answers regarding what is the best lawn fertilizer. For the past 16 years I have been using several types of fertilizer. Granular and liquid. Some of them certified organic, and some others I got them directly form the source, like seaweed, chicken poop, etc…

I like the fact that I don’t have to rely on one company, or on a specific product. That is the great thing about organic lawn care, or organic gardening. You can use whatever is available locally. I do some research at the beginning of the season, and every year I am able to find the best lawn fertilizer. I avoid chemical fertilizers because of all the dangers that are associated with them. I believe that the best way to fertilize your garden is by using natural organic products.

Best lawn fertilizer

Best lawn fertilizer

Good quality fertilizer will keep your grass green

I would not call it fertilizer, but compost is the very best thing you can spread around your yard. It contains a great amount of microbes, that will help fight diseases around the yard. Organic landscapers rely heavily on compost. I have been using it since 2004. And that is the one of the best natural materials you can use at your property.

Natural organic fertilizer is available at most garden centers and nurseries. I typically use liquid fertilizer in early Spring and Fall. And then I mostly use granular fertilizer during the Summer time. The reason is because I want to use something that can be readily available to the plants early on. I also want to make sure the plants and grass are well fed early in the Fall in preparation for the Winter. In general I don’t want to use any fertilizer with an N-P-K ratio greater than 10.

I like to use Seaweed fertilizer in conjunction with compost tea. The tea is great because it comes with lots of microbes. Seaweed is one of my favorite fertilizers because it feeds the fungi in the tea. If you want to use granular fertilizer my best advice is to use some form or pelletized chicken poop. These are definitely my favorites. Try something like Neptune’s Harvest or Chicken fertilizer.

What is your favorite fertilizer? Do you fertilize at all? Do you follow the 5 step program?

Best Lawn Fertilizer
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Best Lawn Fertilizer
Natural organic products is the best lawn fertilizer. Organic gardening relies on compost and natural fertilizer, and avoids the use of pesticides
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