Does Snow Damage Lawns and Gardens?

This will be a winter season to remember with all the snow.

We had over 100 inches of snow in just one month. I haven’t had the change to really enjoy the snow, since I have either been plowing, shoveling, or sleeping to get ready for the next storm.

 But what happens under the snow?

The soil is getting warmer, in fact, it is warm enough for the grass to start growing. We have reached the time of the year where the air temperature reaches above 50 degrees. In fact, this is the perfect time to reseed your lawn. If your lawn is not covered with snow, the timing couldn’t be better.  Several days with day temperatures over 55 degrees and cold nights, makes the ideal environment for the grass seed to germinate. Reseeding now will give the grass seed a chance to germinate and grow before the first cut of the season. Remember not to bag the grass clippings when you mow.  They feed the soil!

With all the snow on the ground this past winter, a lot of weight was applied to the soil. Compacted soil means less available water and oxygen. When you compress the soil by driving heavy equipment, or just by the weight of the snow on your lawn, the soil will get compacted, and that could cause a problem to your lawn.

On organic lawns, snow is not a problem. We have lots of organic matter, earthworms, and beneficial microbes that will keep the soil porous.

If you have been applying chemicals for the past several years, now is a good time to make the switch to organic.  Aerate your lawn, apply compost and organic fertilizer, and let the grass grow to four inches.

A good grass mix to apply on your lawn is kentucky blue grass, fine fescue and rye grass. 2 lbs/1000 sf is a great rate for an existing lawn.

Happy Spring!


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Does Snow Damage Lawns and Gardens?
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Does Snow Damage Lawns and Gardens?
Compacted soil means less available water and oxygen. Following an organic program can improve soil conditions.
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