Backyard Full Of Weeds

Backyard Full Of Weeds – From Weeds To Grass

Having a backyard full of weeds can be a good thing. At least to me is good news, because I know exactly what to do in order to transform a weedy yard into a weed free lawn. And I am not thinking about roto-tilling the whole yard. Or spraying toxic chemicals to kill everything on Read more about Backyard Full Of Weeds – From Weeds To Grass[…]

Glyphosate use

Europe Fails To Approve Glyphosate Use Extension

Today the European Union refused to approve a limited extension on the glyphosate use . Therefore this is one step closer from Roundup to become illegal by the end of this month if no agreement is reached. A majority decision was needed, which means the group will meet again on tuesday to further discuss the Read more about Europe Fails To Approve Glyphosate Use Extension[…]

Regulation regarding glyphosate

Possible Regulation Regarding Glyphosate | EU Amendment

A couple of weeks ago EU Regulators postponed a re-approval of the weed killer Glyphosate in the EU. This week (June 6th), those regulators will meet to discuss a possible amendment to the regulation regarding glyphosate . According to their website, their agenda will:

“Exchange of views and possible opinion of the Committee on a draft Commission Implementing Regulation amending Implementing Regulation (EU) No 540/2011. As regards the extension of the approval period of the active substance glyphosate”.

In other words, it is possible the European Commission will allow the use of glyphosate for commercial and private use in the European Union. Even if they don’t come to a resolution before the deadline in June 30th, 2016.

On March 2015, The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) labeled weed killer glyphosate as “probably” cancer causing agent. Concerns about glyphosate in food as been growing for the past several months, and in fact it has been detected in food, water and soil samples after being sprayed. This product is not included in the US government monitoring of chemicals in human tissue or blood.

Neither is tested in food. There is no way to know if farmers spraying fields, families that live near farms, or homeowners spraying weed killer in their yards, are being exposed to it.


weed killer glyphosate

EU Delays Reapproval of Weed Killer Glyphosate

EU postpones reapproval of weed killer glyphosate. Thu May 19, 2016 Today the Europan union postponed the relicensing of  Glyphosate and Roundup products. There is not a clear understanding if this substance causes cancer in humans. Weed killer glyphosate is one of the most-widely used weedkillers in the world, and Roundup is one of  Monsanto’s best selling Read more about EU Delays Reapproval of Weed Killer Glyphosate[…]

Atrazine in water

Atrazine | Environmental Pollution

Have you ever read the label on the weed and feed, or the chemical fertilizer you use? Does it contain Atrazine? Did you know, than in order to apply weed and feed, or any other pesticide in a property other than yours, you are required by law to have a pesticide license? Or that you Read more about Atrazine | Environmental Pollution[…]