Slime mold

This Month Be On the Lookout for… Slime Mold

Slime Mold is not a disease, but it might look kind of scary. It usually appears overnight after a rain storm, when the weather is hot and humid. The incredible thing about this is that this fungus grows pretty quickly. It has a bright yellow color, and it is completely harmless. Sometimes, when mulch is applied Read more about This Month Be On the Lookout for… Slime Mold[…]

Raking Leaves

Bagging, Mulching, Or Raking Leaves?

How do you spend time every weekend now in the Fall? Raking leaves? There is a better way to dispose all those leaves from your garden. Bagging, Mulching or Raking Leaves? I always thought that, the less yard waste I removed from a property, the better. My main reason is because I want to use Read more about Bagging, Mulching, Or Raking Leaves?[…]


Mulch | Benefits of Using mulch

It is early Spring, and from now until the end of the Fall, landscapers and home owners like to spread mulch around trees, and along planting beds. It is beneficial for trees and shrubs, only if it is done properly. A common mistake is to pile mulch against tree trunks. Benefits of using mulch Too much mulch and Read more about Mulch | Benefits of Using mulch[…]