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Compost, loam and dirt.

Home owners generally love their yards. Women tend to like their vegetable gardens and flower beds. Men, on the other hand love to mow their lawns. Why are we men so obsessed with lawns? I always hated lawn maintenance. Mowing is boring. It is an endless job. I am glad I no longer have to mow lawns anymore. Now, I spend a lot of time teaching and chatting with my customers about worms, vegetable gardens, real food, and of course, lawn care. Many, many, many times people will tell me how many times they have tried the organic approach before, and many times they have not been successful growing grass. When I asked them what was the steps they followed in order to make a transition from chemical to organic, they told me the first thing they brought was a lot of “dirt”.
To me this is “dirt”:

Dirt is the best way to add extra weed seeds to your lawn. In addition to weed seeds, dirt will also include glass, plastic and whatever garbage a contractor might want to get rid off.

I like compost.


Spreading 4 yards of black gold with “Big Blue” in 1 hour!!!

Compost it is a finished material, which means it doesn’t contain any weed seed because the compost pile got at some point hot enough to destroy all the weed seeds. Compost also is full of microbiology and will have the necessary nutrients to help your garden thrive.
Loam is hard to find. It is a mixture of sand, silt and clay. Most places will sell you soil from construction sites and call it loam. 99% of the time what you are getting is dirt.
Visit your local nursery, or local organic farms, and ask about their compost. Bulk is usually cheaper than buying by the bag. Most organic farms will be willing to sell some to homeowners.
It can be applied any time during the season. What I like about good quality compost, is that you can use some to make Compost tea!

What is Compost
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What is Compost
Compost, loam, soil, dirt. They are not the same!
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