Corn Gluten Meal as pre-emergent?

Corn Gluten meal is being used as a pre-emergent. First time I heard about corn gluten meal was in early 2004. That’s when I started my organic lawn care and consulting business. Back then, there were not a lot of products out in the market to use as an organic land care provider. I feel like the whole organic approach to lawn care really started right around that time.

For the past 12 years, I have tried hundreds of different products. Some of them were great, but so many others were a terrible failure. I of course tried it, but I was never too excited about it. With organic lawn and garden care, you can’t rely in just one product, and I feel like this product is just another thing that by itself, it will not give you the desired results, but, when you combine it with other cultural practices like re-seeding, aeration, compost, compost tea, etc…, you can get great results from it.

Corn Gluten Meal, miracle product?

Corn Gluten Meal used as Pre-emergent?

Corn Gluten Meal used as Pre-emergent?

Back in 1991 Iowa State University patented corn gluten meal for its pre-emergent weed control properties. Up until recently corn gluten meal has been used extensively in many lawns across the country. I have heard from homeowners and landscape professionals that this product is highly effective, or totally useless. I am in between. I think it has a great potential, but it has to be applied at the right time, which it varies depending on the weather and location on the different sites.

So, what do you think about it? Have you used it before? Did you get good results? Do you use it in conjunction with other products? Did you use it to increase the Nitrogen content in the soil? Post a comment below and share your experience!

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Corn Gluten Meal as pre-emergent?
Corn Gluten meal is being used as a pre-emergent.
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