Europe Fails To Approve Glyphosate Use Extension

Today the European Union refused to approve a limited extension on the glyphosate use . Therefore this is one step closer from Roundup to become illegal by the end of this month if no agreement is reached. A majority decision was needed, which means the group will meet again on tuesday to further discuss the issue.

Malta was the only EU member to vote against the re-approval of the weed killer. This new proposal was to allow a temporary re-approval of Glyphosate in the EU for another 12-18 months, to allow the study of the possible link of glyphosate use and cancer .

On March 2015, The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) labeled weed killer glyphosate as “probably” cancer causing agent. Concerns about glyphosate in food as been growing for the past several months, and in fact it has been detected in food, water and soil samples after being sprayed.

This product is not included in the US government monitoring of chemicals in human tissue or blood. Neither is tested in food. There is no way to know if farmers spraying fields, families that live near farms, or homeowners spraying weed killer in their yards, are being exposed to it.

Just last month three Nebraska farmers sued Monsanto alleging the seed and chemical giant of purposely misleading the public about the dangers of the world’s most widely used herbicide. Monsanto markets glyphosate, the active ingredient in its herbicide-brand Roundup, as being able to kill nearly every weed out there yet being completely safe for people. It’s sold alongside Roundup Ready seeds that can be sprayed with the chemical without harm.

Glyphosate Use

Glyphosate is in everything. And Monsanto has managed to introduce this product worldwide. Unfortunately, is being used all around us on a daily basis. Monsanto argued that glyphosate is harmless to humans because our cells don’t have the shikimate pathway, which it inhibits.

That may be true, but the real problem is that out gut bacteria do have this pathway. Is this bacteria, that supply us with beneficial aminoacids. Glyphosate, has a cumulative effect on us. As of today, most of our food, is sprayed, has been sprayed, or it has been genetically modified so it can be sprayed with Glyphosate.

We are ingesting, drinking, breathing Roundup. And we are letting our children play in lawns, schools, and parks treated with Roundup. The USDA released a report about Pesticides in our food. It showed that over 99%, YES 99% of the products sampled have traces of pesticides. Fresh conventional produce, juices, infant formula, processed foods, fruits and vegetables. All contained traces of pesticides. What they did not tested for was Glyphosate in our food , because apparently it was “extremely expensive” to test.

So, what are your thoughts? Are yo in favor, or against glyphosate.

Europe Fails To Approve Glyphosate Use
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Europe Fails To Approve Glyphosate Use
Today the European Union refused to approve a limited extension on the glyphosate use .
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