Garden Maintenance Without Pesticides

Garden maintenance is safer without the use of pesticides. It is also easier following an organic approach to lawn an garden care than using chemical to manage the land. After 12 years maintaining many properties, I can see why organic makes sense. I have many friends that also maintain properties. Some use pesticides, and others not. I am the one who doesn’t use pesticides.

My reason is very simple. I chose not to use them because I don’t think they are necessary. You can have a beautiful garden, and lawn without the use of pesticides. It took me a little bit to figure out why dandelions were growing on my lawn. Or why I was having mildew in my lilacs. Or rust in my roses and apples. Within a few years I am able to get rid of most garden weeds using organic practices. I have never used Weed and Feed, and my lawns are almost weed free.

Garden maintenance doesn’t mean you have to spent countless hours weeding planting beds and applying pesticides to control weeds. There is a better, safer and cheaper option to deal with weeds, and chemical is not the answer.

Garden Maintenance. Choose the right product.

The more I research chemical pesticides, the more I am determined not to use them. The biggest “red flag” to me is when I read the labels on the chemical pesticide products. You have Active and Inert ingredients. You can give it a try. Choose any bottle you have in your garden shed or garage. You can also try chemical fertilizer. Read the label, and see if you can understand if the ingredients, active or inert are dangerous.

Active fertilizer is almost impossible to decipher, but the most common one is glyphosate and 2-4D. Both of these ingredients are just by themselves dangerous. However, the percentage of this active ingredient in the fertilizer or pesticide bag varies depending of the manufacturer and it is clearly labeled. In addition, there is also a huge percentage of “Inert” ingredient in it as well. Inert doesn’t mean inactive. Inert ingredients are mixed into pesticides products as a carrier or sticking agent. Specially relevant is that they are often as toxic as the active ingredient. For most people “inert” means that these chemicals don’t pose a major health. Just recently the European Union banned the use of one of Monsanto’s roundup “Inert” ingredients because it was found to be more deadly to human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells than glyphosate itself.

Organic is easy

I have compiled a few simple steps to kill weeds naturaly, without the use of pesticides. These are steps to reduce the use of pesticides if you are still using them.

What do you use to kill weeds? Are you ready to switch from chemical to organic?

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Garden Maintenance Without Pesticides
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Garden Maintenance Without Pesticides
Garden maintenance is safer without the use of pesticides. Gardening is easier following an organic approach. Healthier environment for you and your family.
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