I’m The “Weird” Organic Gardener


I officially started my organic business in September 2004, and I was known as the weird organic gardener. Back then, I could only find a couple of organic products in just a few local nurseries. I started using Neptune’s Harvest seaweed fertilizer. I bought it in big drums, because I could not find anything else anywhere at that time, besides chicken poop. To me, liquid fertilizer was ideal, since I could get the fertilizer locally (Gloucester, MA), and it was easy for me to apply.

The Weird Organic Gardener

Back then in 2004, I was the organic gardener applying products on weedy lawns. “It will never work. It is smelly. It costs too much.” Those were some of the things other landscapers and some homeowners would tell me. To this day, I have never had any regrets about my personal choice to start my business using only organic products.

Maintaining Gardens

During the past 10 years, I can’t recall any failure transitioning from a chemical lawn to an organic lawn, and in fact, every single customer, family, and friend who started an organic lawn care program back then continued on the organic program to this day. Most of those lawns are self sustainable now. Most customers started somewhat terrified of the idea to give up their pesticide addicted properties, thinking that everything would turn into a field of dandelion and crabgrass with insects and ticks taking over the whole yard.

For the past several years, I have educated and taught all of my customers how to read the signs of possible problems with their gardens. They can now understand how the whole system works. The can now apply their own organic products, they can brew their own compost tea, they can read and interpret their own soil test results.  They are definitely proud to play, enjoy, and share with others their own yard. They spend a lot of time walking around their gardens. They will do crazy things like grow their own blueberries, or apples, or collect dandelions to prepare a salad before diner.  It is not uncommon for me to ask my customers if I can borrow some of their molasses for my compost tea. Or if they can take care of my chickens while I’m away camping with my family. Working on your garden will transform you, and if it is organic it will make you want to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

More reading and less TV watching

More reading and less TV watching

I'm The "Weird" Organic Gardener
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I'm The "Weird" Organic Gardener
Most customers started somewhat terrified of the idea to give up their pesticide addicted properties to this organic gardener, thinking that everything would turn into a field of weeds
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