Lawn Care Tips For The Fall

Spring is a great time of the year to maintain your lawn and garden. However, the best time to have a healthy lawn is in the Fall. For the most part weeds will start dying after summer, so this is why Fall is a great time to start growing good grass, fertilizing, and mowing on a regular basis. These are my top 7 lawn care tips for the Fall.

Easy Lawn Care Tips For The Fall

  1. Mulch those Fall leaves. They will feed the microbes in the soil. And this means you have more time to do more important things around the yard. Here is a great video explaining why keeping those leaves on the lawn is a great idea. This is probably the most single important thing in order to build up the organic matter in the soil.
  2. Mow the lawn shorter. Since we don’t have many weeds on the lawn during this time of the season, we can gradually lower the deck of the lawn mower. Ideally the last time you mow this season, you want to keep the lawn at 1.5″- 2″ tall.
  3. Re-seed your lawn now. September is a great month to add extra seed on your lawn. Night temperature is on the cool side, and the day temperature is about 75 degrees. Your good grass will not have to outcompete all those weeds on your lawn. Perhaps this is also a good time to add compost before you re-seed.
  4. Apply organic fertilizer in early and late Fall. Fertilizer will feed the microbes in the soil, and help the grass grow healthy a promotes deep root systems in preparation for the Winter.
  5. Aerate at least once a year. Aeration removes small plugs of soil and increases grass root development. It also improves water holding capacity and introduces more oxygen in the soil so the plants and grass grows better.

Early next year you should take a soil test so you can plan for the season. Soil testing tells you exactly how much product you will be using for the entire season. Do you have any other tip you would like to share? Let me know. I would definitely love to hear more about it!


Lawn Care Tips For The Fall
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Lawn Care Tips For The Fall
Autumn is the best time of the year to grow a healthy and weed free lawn. Follow these lawn care tips for the Fall, and have a green, healthy grass.
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