Lawn Treatment And Fertilizer

One of the things I teach in my classes, is that each lawn is different. Each property requires a different lawn treatment and fertilizer application. If you have been using chemicals to treat your lawn, you can’t expect to have an organic lawn in just one season. Unfortunately, chemical companies have the advantage to sell you products, regardless if you need them or not. Most people really don’t know if a specific product is really needed to be applied, but the lawn care company reassures you it is really needed. So, what do you do?

One of my latest customers decided to switch from chemical to organic this year. His lawn was treated with all types of pesticides for the past several years. He understood the dangers of using pesticides. But he wanted a feed free lawn, and chemicals where the best option at that time.

Lawn Treatment And Fertilizer

We are in the middle of the summer, and this is not the best time to start an organic program. But, since pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not an option, we are going to start one anyway.

These are the steps I follow for this particular property. (If you want to know more about organic lawn care, you can read the basics here).

I know the lawn has been fertilized this year, but since it is petroleum based, it doesn’t really help me, and most of the fertilizer has been used up already by the plants. I know the pH is almost 7. The organic matter content is good, but I am almost sure the microbiology in the soil is almost non existent. Or, in such low numbers, that just applications of fertilizers will not do much. So, an application of compost tea is the most important thing to do. Compost tea brings back the microbiology to the soil.

Lawn treatment and fertilizer

Applying Compost Tea

Second best thing is to use some type of organic fertilizer. Liquid or granular will be fine. I will also re-seed the lawn now, and later in the season. I know it is kind of late to re-seed, but since the day temperature is not too hot, and we still have some rain in the forecast, I am hoping some grass seed will germinate. I will keep the grass pretty tall, and will leave the grass clippings on the lawn. That is all I can do until the Fall.

What is your strategy to fight weeds and maintain your organic lawn? Are you following a lawn treatment and fertilizer application program?

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