Living Healthy

Living Healthy. Fermented Tomatoes

Half a gallon of fermented salsa with our own organic tomatoes

I’ve made a lot of changes, and I’d like to make more. Here are some of the things to living healthy. I’ve also decided to get enough sleep every night, so many of these changes might never happen.
It has been almost a year since I wrote my last post. Teaching, studying, studying, (and more studying), and gardening, prevented me from writing at all. This year I am having a different approach to living life. I haven’t been too diligent with my diet and exercise lately. So, since I am an organic landscaper, why should I treat myself differently, than the way I treat the properties I maintain? My wife has been very supportive this past year with the transition from eating “stuff”, to eating healthy food.
So here it is, eating healthy.

Living healthy, and having fun working outdoors.

Breakfast: I stopped buying boxed cereals altogether. We now have soaked (soured) oatmeal, smoothies, eggs and bacon, sourdough waffles, or coconut flour pancakes. We’ve also been drinking whole, raw, pastured, organic milk for a few months now, and we eat a lot more butter than ever before (Kerrygold). I’d like to get my daughter to eat eggs, to reduce the grain-heavy breakfasts, and vary the smoothies that we have. The biggest challenge here is all the dishes that these breakfasts create.
Snacks: We stopped buying any packaged food (ok, except some bags of Pirate’s Booty or Goldfish in moments of weakness) and now make almost all our snacks from scratch including popcorn, soudough crackers, granola, yogurt, and crispy nuts. I have been working this past year in planting more fruit trees, so now we have mature apple trees, peach trees, pear tree , and my favorite, a huge blackberry patch. I’d also like to get more vegetables into our snacks but don’t have many great ideas for that. Making rather than buying snacks makes it much less likely that we’ll have cookies in the pantry–though we often do.
Lunch: We stopped buying lunch meats, grocery store bread, and mayonaisse. We recently bought 100 pounds of grass fed beef, which hopefully will last until the end of the summer. We usually have leftovers for lunch now. We’ve also been making tuna melts and salmon melts a lot recently with my homemade mayonaise that no one else will eat in any other form. We’d like to get more fresh vegetables in our lunches–but maybe that will just have to wait for Spring. If we have bread, it’s the centerpiece of lunch, and, again, we’d like to make meals that are not so grain dependent.
Dinner: We now have pasta only a few times a month, my wife has started to figure out ways to eat organ meats, and we now have fish at least once a week. We’d been eating organic and/or local produce and meat for a while. I’d like to vary our vegetables more, which is, again, not so easy in the winter, especially for my daughter (who tends to rotate frozen peas, frozen beans, and baby carrots). We’ve learned how to make fermented veggies, like salsa, sauerkraut, and beet kvass, but I’m the only one who does not eat them.

Living healthy is not too complicated. It takes a couple of weeks to getting used to the change. Definitely worth it.

Living Healthy
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Living Healthy
I’ve made a lot of changes, and I’d like to make more. Here are some of the things to living healthy.
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