Monsanto Roundup and GMOs are not safe

French Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini, did a research study about organ damage when using Monsanto Roundup ready seeds and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Prof. Séralini is the leader of the research team from the Committee of Independent Research, the Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN), and the Universities of Caen and Rouen.

His conclusion appear in the International Journal of Biological Sciences. Prof. Séralini and his team conducted separate tests 7 years after Monsanto released GMOs into the world. This means Monsanto never did any long term research of the effects of GMOs and Roundup on mammals, and particularly in humans. “The GMOs were released without any toxicological tests on Mammals”, Prof. Séralini explained. He said the GMO companies test their products for safety, and then they will share their findings with the general public. The problem is that there is no independent studies of those findings after a product has been released.

Monsanto Roundup analysis results according to Prof. Séralini

He studied, and analyzed the results given by Monsanto, and came to the conclusion, that rats that were fed with GMO during a 3 month period, developed serious damage to its kidneys and livers. He affirms that GMOs are unsafely tested, and that GMOs presents levels of toxicity within the very short time they are tested (3 months).

He concluded a 2 year test on rats, that ate GMOs, and GMOs with Roundup, and released the results.

This is another reason GMO foods should be labeled. Toxic pesticides are not needed if you follow an organic approach to lawn, and garden care. Too many people use Glyphosate to kill weeds for food production, and also people use Monsanto Roundup to kill weeds on lawns. There is more evidence every day about the dangers of Roundup causing to our health. To me it is common sense. If the caution label in this product is a mile long, I don’t think it should be considered safe.

What are your thoughts? Do you like to use Monsanto’s Roundup? Have you ever used it in the past? Do you feel it is a safe product? Do you use any organic products to kill weeds?

Share your ideas or thoughts. I would love to know.


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Monsanto Roundup and GMOs are not safe
GMOs are unsafely tested, and that GMOs presents levels of toxicity within the very short time they are tested
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