Natural and Organic – Is It The Same?

For the past week, I’ve made an effort to eat only natural organic, and GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free food. So far so good, but it is extremely difficult to avoid anything with sugar, corn and/or soy. In the past, I’ve been eating for the most part pretty healthy. Lots of good organic foods, but every once in a while I would indulge myself with a few servings of ice cream, cookies, or any type of junk food. When I was eating bad, I knew I wasn’t eating the “healthy” type of food.

When I started my gardening, and landscaping business back on 2004, I┬ápromised myself not to use any chemical fertilizer, pesticide, or any other product that would harm me, my customers, or the environment. It was a hard task, since, back then, there were only a handful of products available for the organic landscaping industry. Along the way, I’ve learn what products are allowed, and which ones must be avoided, because of its toxicity.

During the past 10 years I have learned that any product, either for food consumption, or products sold for gardening, that are labeled “Natural”, are the ones that I avoid the most.


“Natural” doesn’t mean is Organic

Isn’t natural a good thing? Not necessarily.

For the past few years, when I am looking to buy local compost, I always ask if; the compost they sell is organic, and if it is local. Most garden nurseries know where their products come from. But they always, or almost always tell me their compost is natural. They say their compost is a mix of loam, grass clippings brought from local landscapers, ground up brush, and miscellaneous yard waste. Basically, none of them ever test their compost. So as far as I am concerned, the compost they sell is full of pesticides, since they use clippings from the chemically maintained lawns. As well as loam full of glass, plastic, rocks, paint, and nails from construction sites. They say their compost is Natural, because it comes from nature.

Natural Organic compost, comes from the product of decomposition of raw organic matter. Finished compost adds microbiology into the soil, and also adds organic matter. Available nutrients are readily available to the plants.

Natural Compost

Dirt is not Compost

Natural Finished Compost.

Finished Compost.

So next time you buy something labeled as Natural, make sure you do your research, before you decide to buy it.

Natural and Organic - Is It The Same?
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Natural and Organic - Is It The Same?
Isn't natural a good thing? Not necessarily. "Natural" doesn't mean Organic.
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