Organic Landscaping |And Being Truly Organic.

Not because your landscaper uses organic fertilizer doesn’t mean he or she is truly organic. Does it really make any difference to use organic products, when everybody else is using chemicals to kills weeds and pests? What is organic landscaping? What is the difference between an organic gardener and landscaper, and a conventional landscaper?

The difference is simple. Chemical gardeners and homeowners using chemicals, they look for instant gratification. They are product driven. They use a certain chemical to kill grubs, and weeds. The soil is depleted of all the beneficial microbes which are the ones that feed the plant. Chemicals displace earth worms. Therefore the soil is now dead, and it is dependent on the monthly cocktail of chemicals to keep the plants alive.

Organic landscaping is a systems approach

This is a product driven approach.

Grub control, application of a herbicide to kill crabgrass. Another application to kill dandelions. Then chemical fertilizer to feed the grass. A round of lime, (that most of the times end up to be the wrong type of lime when people use dolomitic lime). Also more chemical fertilizer, (up to 5 times a year). Then, again grub control in the fall, followed by another application to kill the dandelions. Oh, did I forget aeration and dethatching? And make sure to water your lawn daily, so you can create superficial roots, so the grass will dry out in the summer.

Chemical lawns are treated the same. No matter their location, Or size. Chemical companies will also offer “All natural” programs. With organic landscaping and gardening, you must use organic pesticides or repellents that have been approved for the use in organic landscaping and gardening. Groups like NOFA (North East Farming Association), or OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute). No such certification exists for a product to be “natural”.

Organic landscaping makes sense

Do you know what a chemical lawn care professional uses, when he or she sprays something into someone’s property? The U.S. E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) has the goal to protecting public health and the environment. Regulation of pesticides is limited, in that the testing on pesticides is done on the active ingredients only. When the landscaper, or you, as a homeowner apply any type of pesticide, the “inactive” ingredient that comes out of the bottle has never been tested.

Why don’t we ask ourselves, what is the product that I’m using on my lawn made out of? Does it pose any danger to me, my children, pets and the environment? Is it safe? Did you know that one of the main chemical ingredient used to kill weeds was used in Agent Orange? Did you know that the chemical sprayer applicator doesn’t care if you left your kid’s toys and bicycle outside, before he or she sprays “agent orange” on your lawn?

Is your lawn safe?

Organic landscaping is a safer alternative

Is your yard safe from pesticides?

Organic Landscaping |And Being Truly Organic.
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Organic Landscaping |And Being Truly Organic.
Not because your landscaper uses organic fertilizer doesn't mean he or she is truly organic.
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