August 29, 2014

Organic starts here! Programs and consultations

How do I start an organic program? What products do I need? How much fertilizer, lime or compost do I need? Do I need to do areation? What about de-thatching? Many homeowners believe that a yearly application of lime is needed because his or her landscaper said so. Or because that is something we were told by garden centers and manufactures. You wouldn’t take a prescription medicine without first being prescribed by a doctor. This same rule applies to a lawn or garden. Without knowing what a plant needs, how are we suppose to know how much lime or fertilizer is needed? The answer is… Soil testing!

The primary goal of soil testing is to provide guidelines for the efficient use of soil amendments. A soil test will show several information such as soil pH, buffer pH, cation exchange capacity and percentage base saturation. It will also show micro and macro nutrients, toxic metals and organic matter, among others. Soil tests are very inexpensive, ranging from $10 to $300.

Soil test can be done at your local university of commercial lab. These are some of the questions many people have when they start with an organic program. J.Gil provides one on one consultations, and yearly organic programs for your lawn and garden. I own a 100% organic company. Specializing in Compost Tea applications and organic land care and maintenance programs.

Since 2004, I have helped homeowners, business, and municipalities to transition from Chemical to 100% organic.

Organic land care starts here!

It is all about the soil. You take care of the soil, and in return, the microbiology in the soil will take care of your plants. Organic land care doesn’t have to be complicated, if you follow a few simple steps.

For the past few years, I have been coaching and training organic lawn and garden care, to hundreds of people. I have created several ways to introduce the general public to the land care program I teach.

My consultation services are as follows:

Basic Consultation $30. 1 hour private organic land care consultation; This is a great way to exchange some information regarding the expectations, and general information about garden and lawn care. During the one hour private consultation we will discuss the natural approach to garden care.

Complete land year program $150. With my custom land care program, I will develop a personalized plan for your property during the growing season. This program consist of a soil test interpretation, land care program plan for one season, as well as unlimited email consultation during the season. This program is ideal for those customers that like to learn how to transition from chemical to organic, but still don’t have the knowledge of the approach to land care. The complete land year program, also includes one initial 1 hour private organic lawn care consultation.

Unlimited Organic land care consultation $500. This program includes the Basic consultation, as well as the Complete land year program. In addition to those services, the unlimited consultation gives you access to unlimited phone and email consultations during the season. It also gives access to special online workshops and demonstrations that I teach during the season. Some of the topics, will include compost tea preparation, farming and gardening care.

For additional information you can reach me at, or subscribe to my email listing for additional tips and advise.

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