Organic Weed Killer

A weed is a plant that is growing in the wrong place. And what do we do, when we see a weed on the lawn, or in our garden? We use a generic weed killer. Right? What is the best organic weed killer to control weeds?

Organic Weed killer to kill dandelions. calcitic lime

Weed killer to kill dandelions?

What I have learned for the past several years is that you will always spray the same chemicals, to kill the same weeds every season.  Your yearly routine regarding lawn care is basically this: Weed and feed in early Spring. Followed by some grub control. Fertilizer. Dandelion control. Winterizer. Sometimes, in between applications, you will be doing some aeration, de-thatching, and of course bagging all those grass clippings. I definitely feel the lawn care industry is taking advantage of you. Why do you have to pay for the same services every single year?

Is it really necessary to apply fertilizer to feed your grass? How many applications do you need to control crabgrass? Is there any way to get rid of grubs? How on earth are you going to control all those lawn diseases? Most lawn care companies will sell you the same program every year. But, if you ask any organic lawn care provider, they will tell you, and show you that organically, you will not have grub damage. You will not have to feed the grass, and that you will not have (for the most part) crabgrass thriving in your lawn.

Organic weed killer. How does it work?

Instead of relying on products, I focus exclusively on a systems approach. That is my organic weed killer. In other words, instead of looking for a product to kill a weed, I try to figure out why a weed is growing in a specific location. If I know that dandelion grows because there is not enough Calcium in the soil, instead of killing the weed with a pesticide, why don’t I fix the soil? If I kill the weed (dandelion) with chemicals and don’t fix the soil, the problem will still be there. The weed keeps coming back, and I still apply the same products every year. If you use pesticides on your lawn, how many years have you been applying the same product to kill the same weed?

If I fix the soil, applying calcitic lime. I prevent most dandelions from appearing on my lawn. It could take me a few years, but I will definitely control them. And that applies to most lawn problems. Compaction, grubs, crabgrass, nutrient deficiency, aeration, de-thatching…

Most lawn problems can be solved following an organic approach. It is easy, cheaper, and safer.

Follow a few simple steps:

  1. Stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  2. Follow an organic approach to garden care.
  3. Feed the microbes in the soil by using organic fertilizer.
  4. Do not bag the grass clippings.
  5. Promote bio-diversity.
  6. Introduce native plants in your garden.
  7. Use natural pesticides like vinegar instead of Roundup.

Are you ready to enjoy your garden this season?

Organic Weed Killer
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Organic Weed Killer
Instead of relying on products, I focus exclusively on a systems approach. That is my organic weed killer.
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