Over-Fertilized Lawn | Burned Grass

Have you over-fertilized your lawn? Did this ever happen to you? You set your drop spreader at the rate that was suggested. You are so focused on what you are doing, that after a few minutes you notice you have been spreading the fertilizer at a much faster rate than it was recommended. Or maybe you did not know how much fertilizer to buy, and maybe you bought 2 or 3 bags until you covered the whole lawn with fertilizer?

What happens when you apply to much fertilizer on your lawn?


By now, you definitely know that if you put too much fertilizer you can burn the grass. The problem of petroleum based fertilizers is, that you need water to decompose the product. You will burn the grass. You need water to decompose the produc. Too much product applied at once can damage your lawn, pollute water, and it will be a waste of money.

So what is the solution to prevent grass from burning after an application, or over-fertilization?

An Over-fertilized application will kill your grass.

I love using organic fertilizer, because it typically will not burn the grass. You do not need irrigation to decompose the fertilizer, because the natural fertilizer I use, will be decomposed by the microbiology in the soil. So I can apply anything basically any time. I can accidentally drop 50 pounds of organic corn gluten meal on my lawn, come back the following day, clean the spill, and this will not kill the grass.

Chemical fertilizers are for the most part fertilizers that are readily available to the plants. And this products have a Nitrogen content from 11 to around 45%.

Natural organic fertilizers are slow release. It means that this products provide a longer duration on Nitrogen release. They are easier and safer to use, and have a lower burn potential. These type of fertilizer will have a low Nitrogen content, between 1- 10%.

In my opinion slow release fertilizers are far superior than fast acting chemical fertilizers.

What type of products do you use? Fast acting, or slow release?

Over-Fertilized Lawn | Burned Grass
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Over-Fertilized Lawn | Burned Grass
An over-fertilized lawn can pollute water, damage the turf, and it will be a waste of money. More doesn't mean better. Organic fertilizers are safer.
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2 thoughts on “Over-Fertilized Lawn | Burned Grass

  • Wow, I had no idea that organic fertilizer doesn’t burn the grass like its synthetic alternatives. My grass has been having a harder time growing this season, so I was thinking of getting fertilizer for it. After reading this, though, I’ll be sure to limit my search to the organic options. That way, I won’t have to worry about causing any additional problems.

    • I use only organic or from sources that I know are reliable because I want the very best for my soil and plants.

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