Overseeding Lawns

Mr M, overseeding in the Fall

Big helper spreading seed.

This is the perfect time to apply seed to your lawn. Overseeding should be done both in Spring and Fall. Nights are getting cooler, and days are still warm. Many of the weeds you can find on your lawn, like crabgrass will start to die back, since they are annuals. My 4 year old loves to help me out around the yard. So today, he decided he wanted to push the spreader, and apparently he can easily spread 50 pounds of grass seed in just a few minutes.

Overseeding ratio

We are using a mix seed of blue grass, perennial rye, and a blend of fescues. 2 pounds per 1000sf of grass seed is a good coverage for established lawns. However, we used 4lbs/1000sf. Ideal time to reseed is when the day temperature is warm (low 70’s), and cool nights at about 55 degrees. That happens usually mid April and mid September in New England. So, seed your lawn now before the grass gets covered in leaves. Happy seeding!

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