Reseed Grass In The Spring

Reseed your lawn in Spring and Fall. In fact, two days ago I re-seeded my own lawn.

Well, my five-year-old did it. He likes to do yard work, but he definitely loves to spread grass seed.

We applied roughly two pounds of grass mix seed per 1000 square feet. The mix was Kentucky blue grass, fine fescue, and perennial rye grass.


Child labor at its best.

I raked most of the debris that was on the lawn, but I did not care too much about removing the snow mold, dead grass, or even the occasional patch of dry leaves on the lawn.

It doesn’t make sense to spray for the snow mold because in just two weeks it will be gone. The leaves will be mulched when I mow the lawn in a few weeks, and the dead grass doesn’t amount to much.

All the yard waste will be mulched and will become food for my microbes.

I’m not saying that my lawn is covered in yard debris–I raked most of it, and left some so it will decompose and turn into organic matter.

The soil temperature is already warm enough for the microbiology to be active. In fact it is a little bit too warm for this time of the year. Warm enough for the crabgrass seed to germinate. Yes, it already germinated four days ago. Which means we now have fewer days to grow good grass before the weeds start to grow like crazy.

Reseed yearly to grow dense turf.

In the next few days the grass seed will germinate, the grass will turn greener, and it will be time to mow the lawn.

I know the soil is alive, because the earthworms are already active. I can see small piles of soil and worm poop all over my yard. That’s good news because they are adding organic matter to the soil, they are aerating my lawn, and they are feeding the microbes.


Earthworms are aerating my lawn.

Note the clover in the picture. As long as it stays small in size, I will know I will not need to use fertilizer high in Nitrogen.

And lastly, I just took a picture of my neighbor’s chemical lawn, which shows lots of snow mold and the grass still dormant.  On the right is another picture of my back yard (with the climbing dome)– a little snow mold, and the grass considerably greener than the chemical one. The chemical lawn doesn’t show any signs of earthworms.  Mine is well aerated. 

In the next few days, I will be spreading fertilizer and compost tea.

How is your late-Spring lawn?  Do you reseed your lawn every year?


Chemical lawn


My organic lawn early in the Spring

Reseed Grass In The Spring
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Reseed Grass In The Spring
Reseed your lawn in spring and Fall. Adding grass seed to your lawn is the best way to kill weeds organically
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