Oops! Bad timing applying fertilizer…

One of the great things about organic gardening is that, when you need to apply organic fertilizer, you know it is safe, because the products used are not water soluble. In other words, you don’t need to water anything in order for the product to start acting, or decomposing. We rely on the microorganisms in the soil to decompose ¬†any organic material we put on the lawn. Microbes turn our fertilizer, compost, leaves, etc, into available nutrients for our plants. Chemicals, are quite the opposite. You need to water whatever product you use, so if you are applying fertilizer, you will need to water in down you it can get absorbed by the plant roots. The problem with chemicals is that they tend to be applied where they are not intended to.

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Chemlawn showed up at this property, and applied pelletized chemical fertilizer. The front of the house was covered in leaves. The back, not so much. The applicator used a ride on spreader to apply chemical fertilizer. Unfortunately, the homeowner removed the leaves just a few hours later, either by bagging the leaves (and the fertilizer), or by blowing the leaves off the property.

This is a common occurrence when there is no communication between the homeowner, and the landscape provider. This is a perfect example of time, money and resources wasted. All those water soluble chemicals will be carried away by the rain, excessive irrigation, streams, etc… So before so apply anything on your lawn, think about the consequences. Those chemical fertilizers don’t simply disappear. They will end up most likely polluting streams, lakes or even water wells.



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