Best Time To Water Grass

When is the best time to water grass, or your plants? It all depends, but as a rule of thumb, the best answer is early in the morning.

The reason to water early in the morning is because there is less water loss to evaporation. Ideally, you want to water early. The soil will retain more moisture. The root system of the grass will be able to penetrate deeper in the soil. Deeper root system means the plants will be able to get water from the soil in periods of drought. It is well known in the organic lawn care business, to water deeply and infrequent. Most organic lawns rely on Mother Nature for irrigation. But, when manual watering is needed, watering deeply and infrequent, is the most important thing.

Best time and how often to water your lawn

Water grass

Water grass and garden early in the morning

Generally 2″ of water per week should be more than enough. Chemical lawns tend to be watered daily just for a few minutes. This is not the right way to maintain and water your lawn.

The main reason is because by doing shallow watering, you will be promoting superficial roots. So, in the middle of the summer, your grass will suffer. In addition to this, you will be using  a lot of potable water just for irrigation. This is water that it is simply wasted.

Sometimes I will choose to irrigate after a rain storm, just to get to my goal of 2″ of water.

If you have an irrigation system, or sprinkler system, the best way to run it, is by starting with a water schedule. Start by changing from every day, to every other day. Water early in the morning. Don’t bag the grass clippings (food source for the microbes). Make sure you mow high at 3″ (longer roots, means longer leaf blades, and also the ability of the roots to go deeper in the soil). Turn the system off for a day or two, or for a longer period of time if rain is in the forecast.

Enjoy your lawn!

Best Time To Water Grass
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Best Time To Water Grass
When is the best time to water grass, or your plants? It all depends, but as a rule of thumb, the best answer is early in the morning.
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